Monday, March 7, 2011

Greece: Nearly 100 Hunger Strike Migrants Hospitalized

From DemocracyNow:

March 7, 2011
In news from Greece, at least 98 immigrant workers have been hospitalized as they take part in a mass hunger strike in an attempt to win legal status. Three hundred migrant workers began the strike six weeks ago. Youssef Bahi is a Moroccan who has helped coordinate the strike.

Youssef Bahi: “They are asking for their legalization, not just for 300 people who make hunger strike, but also they are making this hunger strike for all of immigrants who work and live in Greece. This is the decision of the hunger strikers themselves. They say, ‘We will not stop. We are making our hunger strike until the end.’ When they say 'the end,' they mean until they take their papers or they are ready to die for their demands.”

Here is a letter you can email or fax to Greek authorities.

European borders: controls, detention and deportations

European borders: controls, detention and deportations
Migreurop, « European borders : controls, detention, deportations », 2009-2010 report (PDF)

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